We prioritize your preference for staying at home and offer tailored support. Our experienced team, including our Registered Manager and Nominated Individual, with over two decades of experience, will work with you to recruit the right support team. We provide live-in care for those needing assistance with personal tasks and management, such as meal preparation, medication, mobility, and housework.

Our services include on-site and remote options like home visits and meal delivery, offering flexibility in contract lengths to match your needs, all aimed at helping you maintain independence and dignity while enjoying a better quality of life.

Benefits of Live-in Care vs Living in a Care Home

  1. Unlike living in a care home, you will always receive one-to-one care and support around the clock.
  2. You will be involved in the recruitment of your own team of companions, meaning you are able to say if you want/don't want somebody in particular supporting you.
  3. Staff will be specifically trained to meet your every need.
  4. You can keep your much loved pets and your companions will support you to look after it.
  5. The family home can then be kept in the family, as opposed to being sold to fund care home fees. This provides family members with reassurance and ease of mind.
  6. The plan of care will be fully personalised by yourself with the sole purpose of meeting your care needs and addressing how you wish to live your life. Without the consideration of meeting other peoples needs.
  7. The removal of familiar surroundings and routine can be incredibly detrimental to a persons wellbeing. Remaining in your own home keeps it central to your world and ensures you're in control, with all your beloved memories and possessions around you.
  8. The cost of care is comparable to that of a care home but is considerably cheaper for couples as they aren't charged for two rooms in a care home. Furthermore, this enables loving couples to stay together and not be split up in different areas of the care home.
  9. Continuing to be part of the local community you have loved, for what might have been many years.

If you or somebody you love requires Live-in Care, don't hesitate to contact us on 0330.127.1848. Alternatively you can complete the enquiry form by clicking the button below the text and we'll be in touch as soon as possible.